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Hydraulic Cone CrusherHydraulic Cone CrusherHydraulic Cone Crusher

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Shanghai Duoling Watson Machinery Co., Ltd is one of leading stone crushing machinery manufacturers in China. PYH series hydraulic cone crusher is regarded as new generation for replacement of the traditional Spring Cone Crusher in modern mining industry.
PYH serials hydraulic cone crushers have greater superiority which surpass Spring Cone Crusher and ordinary hydraulic cone crusher:
1. This hydraulic cone crusher is adopted with a unique patented design-eccentric bushing moving around a stationary shaft. The reinforced main shaft is suitable for extra heavy duty crushing condition. Meanwhile, the crushing chamber specially designed according to particles sink principal and its matching speed can sharply increase the crushing ratio, output and content percentage of cubical product in final crushed material.
2. Under the condition of overload or jammed instantaneously, it can lift the top hydraulically and discharge automatically, instead of traditional Spring Cone Crusher which has to stop the machine and discharge manually. Easier maintenance and lower cost.
3. Adopt hydraulic regulation, oil lubricating, and effective labyrinth sealing, fundamentally eliminate some common breakdown of traditional Spring Cone Crusher.
4. Crushing wall and concave of hydraulic cone crusher are made of high manganese steel. Rubbing was reduced by change of crushing capacity and layers protection, so its useful life could be increased by 35%-82% than old style cone crusher.

Specifications of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Model Discharge Setting
Feed Opening
Power (kW) Weight (T)
PYH-2 6~19 54~190 160 11
PYH-3 6~25 25~230 220 15.4
PYH-4 6~30 40~300 315 24.5
PYH-5 8~38 40~330 400 29.6
PYH-8 5~38 35~350 630 63

Brief Introduction of Hydraulic Cone Crusher
1. Minimal discharge setting is used to adjust when the ring do not jump, it may be changed according to the properties of ready-to-crush materials.
2. Feed opening is matched with minimal discharge opening.
3. Minimal size of stone is changed by specifications of machine and shape of ready-to-crush material between 80%-100% of feed opening size

Main Components

Hydraulic Cone Crusher
Dimensions (MM)

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Size PYH-2 PYH-3 PYH-5 PYH-8
A 285 271 435 720
B 1,160 1,380 1,760 2,225
C 1,647 1,834 2,207 3,335
D 910 1,080 1,506 1,850
E 545 660 883 1,130
F 920 1,025 1,400 1,950
G 1,599 1,770 2,340 3,500
H 1,260 1,460 1,990 2,350
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