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In the history of the development of cone, many companies made great contributions. For a latecomer, we are also willing to contribute our shares. Our PYH serials hydraulic cone crusher is adopted with a unique patented design-eccentric bushing moving around a stationary shaft, in stead of traditional main shaft moving structure, parts of strength was enhanced greatly; traditional water sealing, oil sealing, and air compressing sealing is replaced by labyrinth sealing, fundamentally eliminate some common breakdown, for example, mixture of oil and water.
Advanced interparticle laminated crushing principle replacing traditional single granule cracking principle, to achieve optional breakage for material and sharply increase the crushing ratio and content percentage of cubical product in final crushed material; equipped with high power motor in stead of traditional small-power motor, in order to suit actual use of most advanced hydraulic cone crusher theory in the world, and embody that small-or-medium-size products in this serials can get the same production with traditional large-size machine.
Unique crushing chamber different with the traditional, make the machine achieve exchange of various chamber from thick to fine only by changing plate of crushing wall and concave; hydraulic regulated discharge opening and over-load protection increase crusher operating level greatly, easier maintenance, more convenient to operate and shorter time for machine stop; unique application of single granule cracking theory, under the protection of layers, plate rubbing is lower and useful life is prolonged; similar structure design, the same application of advanced crushing theory and principle, and proper parameter make PYH serials cone in every aspect including final performance index can achieve world advanced hydraulic cone crusher, meanwhile, it can meet the requirements of the market with far lower price than imported machine.

Structural sketch of traditional Spring Cone Crusher(Out of stock!)

Structural sketch of PYH serials hydraulic cone crusher

From the above two structural sketches, we can see that the major difference of PYH series cone crusher and the traditional one lies in: the PYH series cone crusher adopts fixed spindle which is separated with the movable cone. It is totally different from the integrated rotary structure of traditional round movable cone which is connected with the spindle. The remarkable advantages of the new structure are: the size of the spindle is not limited by the movable cone to some extend and the diameter of the PYH serial spindle is larger than similar products so it can withstand stronger crack force and improve the strength of the parts. Meanwhile, after the adoption of this structure, it is easy to remove the cone and replace broken part--lining board of the movable cone. Maintenance of the serial cone crushers can be conducted on the top or from the two sides. Between the movable cone and the eccentric cover and between the eccentric cover and the body adopt maze-type seal which replaces the traditional insertion water seal device and lubricant oil seal. It will eliminate cold and hot environmental influences on the crusher and avoid dust generated by the air compression seal device. Traditional cone crusher will freeze and cease working at alpine areas. At the same time, extra devices will bring extra uncertain factors and additional maintenance cost. The traditional type often mixes oil and water during the usage.
PYH series cone crusher adopts liquid pressure system to regulate material discharge outlet and set crack force. Safe and reliable liquid pressure system has effectively realized automatic regulation of the crusher discharge outlet and set crack fore in accordance with the mechanical properties and technical requirements of the cracked material. It also achieves overload protection which greatly improves the running efficiency of the machine and shortens maintenance time by changing traditional way of artificially clean cavity jam. The new system can automatically clean the cavity jam by starting liquid pressure system, which reduces the operator’s work intensity.
The special cavity structure of the PYH series cone crusher can replace movable and static cone lining boards to alternate with various cavities so as to meet different demands of customers. Users can adopt this model while using different types of lining boards to meet different demands. It is also easy to manage and can reduce the number of reserves.

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